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Mary puts people first.
She listens. She adapts.
She delivers meaningful results.

Mary puts people first. 
She listens. She adapts.
She delivers meaningful results.

E.M., San Francisco Employment Law Attorney

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Mary Leichliter

Meet Mary M. Leichliter

Mary founded ReSOLVE over a decade ago, to promote and provide mediation services that center the parties’ needs to be heard, respected, and understood.  She also makes time for parties to work through the panoply of emotions that often accompany disputes between employers and employees involving claims of discrimination and harassment. Mary has a demonstrated track record of working successfully with a broad range of diverse clients in mediation. She treats each person with respect and compassion while ensuring that the mediation moves toward settlement. She is an expert in pre-litigation matters and frequently assists with settlements early in the litigation. 




Dedicated to resolving discrimination disputes for 30+ years.

Representative Mediations

  • Employment and housing discrimination, harassment, retaliation cases under the Fair Employment & Housing Act and Title VII
  • Housing discrimination and/or harassment on the basis of disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, and familial status
  • Race discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, national origin, caste
  • Disability discrimination, failure to engage, failure to accommodate
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Sex, gender discrimination and harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity, and LGBTQ discrimination
  • Discrimination and/or retaliation on the basis of Covid status, leave, protocols
  • Wrongful termination in violation of public policy
  • Wage and hour violations, misclassification
  • Federal civil rights cases, including 42 USC 1981 claims
  • Wage and hour violations, misclassification, including class actions

“It is my pleasure to be invited to assist people in moving through conflicts that are often personal, painful, and long-standing. What I bring to each mediation is curiosity and a desire to understand, as best I can, the experiences that led everyone into litigation, and to support a negotiation and tangible resolution.”

Benefits of Working with Mary



20 Years of Experience
As a Trial Attorney


personalized &
compassionate service


Mary has the perfect blend of empathy and knowing how to get the case settled.

“Mary successfully mediated a wage & hour, retaliation and disability discrimination case for my client and I in early 2019. She listened intently, gave us clear and honest feedback, and helped the parties resolve a contentious dispute. I highly recommend Mary for any civil dispute in the Bay Area.”


Contact Mary

Please contact Mary to schedule your mediation. She is happy discuss process or other needs for your mediation, as well as facilitation, conflict coaching, and conflict systems design. Mary is based in the San Francisco Bay area but works throughout California and nationwide.

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    M. Leichliter is a mediator based in the San Francisco Bay area, accepting mediations throughout California and nationwide.

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